Zidane can’t see himself at Madrid until 2020

On the day that Real Madrid announced that the manager of their basketball team, Pablo Laso, renewed his deal until 2020, which would see him achieve nine years in charge, his football counterpart Zinedine Zidane made it clear that he isn’t thinking beyond the end of the season and will evaluate the situation depending on results.

“It’s very tiring, I don’t know if it’s possible in football,” Zidane replied when asked if he could follow in the footsteps of Pablo Laso at Los Blancos.

“I know the situation, the dressing room, and the environment well, it’s going to be difficult for me, for example. I only think about the day to day work and finishing the season well. Then we’ll see the future,” he added.

Zidane has always been clear when it comes to talking about his future, always focusing on the present.

“I hope to stay here but I am only thinking about this year and nothing else. I have a contract which doesn’t mean anything. I am only interested in the day to day because things can change quickly.”

“I’ve got experience as a player and I know how things work. No euphoria, a lot of work and thinking about working day to day, and more so at this club. I don’t think about the future, only this season.

“That’s why I make the most of being here but I’m not thinking about the future at all, I am just focusing on this season,” said the Frenchman.

Zidane also acknowledged that at the moment, he would consider himself a better player than the coach.

“Zidane the player was better than the coach. Maybe because I spent 35 years playing and only 18 months as a coach. That’s the difference.”

He also showed humility when it came to analyzing where he can improve and progress as a coach.

“A bit of everything. I knew the dressing room, but where I’m learning the most is in all the tactical knowledge, the physical preparation, everything that is involved in preparing a team.

“When I was a player, I remember in my last year wanting to learn to improve. One who wants to learn shows humility. He who does not want to learn, will not progress.”




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