South African Musician Threatens Shatta Wale in a Video

A South African musician has waded into the infamous feud between Wizkid and Shatta Wale. The artiste, who goes by the moniker, ‘The Original dancehall General’ has threatened to kidnap Shatta Wale and teach him a bitter lesson for failing to acknowledged Wizkid as a superstar.

In an interesting twist to this new development, the musician has threatened to kidnap Shatta Wale with the help of some AK-47 guns. He further said if Shatta Wale ‘mistakenly’ lands in South Africa and urged Shatta Wale to ask about him.

The South African artiste continued to insinuate that unlike Shatta Wale, he was not going to fire bullets into the air to scare people off but was rather going to use his gun on the Ghanaian dancehall artiste should he catch him.

The South African artiste was seen in the company of some people believed to be crew members and they took turns to appear in the video to show how serious they were with their threats.


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