She’s In Control & ‘Doesn’t’ Give A ‘F’ What Haters Think

Farrah Abraham is going to celebrate Halloween eve with a racy anal sex show and she couldn’t care less about what the haters think. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details.’

Nothing says ‘Happy Halloween” like a pay per view one-woman anal sex show! Farrah Abraham, 26, is going back door to her porn days by putting on a racy show involving herself and a sex toy that will stream live for an hour on Oct. 30.

Naturally, she’s taking heat for using her body for a potential money grab, but she couldn’t care less.

“Farrah feels she’s in a really good place right now, she’s fully in control of her life, and financial future, and she doesn’t have to answer to anyone other than herself.

Farrah’s also finally learning to just block all the negativity out of her headspace — she refuses to give trolls and haters any power whatsoever — or waste any of her mental energy on even thinking about what they’re saying,” Lent from a source.

We confirmed with CamSoda, the site live streaming Farrah’s “solo anal” show, that the live video event is going to be broken up in a series of free and paid shows. While Farrah will get naughty at times for everyone to see, the full-on NSFW material will go down on the Golden Ticket show, where for $20 viewers can watch where “the good stuff will happen.” Not only that, she plans to interact with fans! They can type talk to her during her show or pay to have “her private and have a fully interactive video chat,” with the reality star according to CamSoda.

Confident Farrah has always been a savvy businesswoman who goes after what she wants and she doesn’t care what others think about her latest venture. “What a complete stranger, or former co-worker, school friend, boyfriend, whatever, says about the path that Farrah’s on, is of no interest to her anymore. This is Farrah’s life, nobody else’s, and as far as she’s concerned, so long as she’s happy, and her daughter is well provided and cared for, then everybody can stay the hell away from telling her what she should or shouldn’t do—because Farrah couldn’t give a f***,” our insider adds.

Farrah has been promoting her stunt as “empowerment,” even though fans have been hammering her on Instagram where she’s been promoting her anal sex show. “Having no self-respect isn’t empowerment nor is it setting an example for your daughter. Disappointment,” one wrote about her eight-year-old daughter Sophia, while another said “Empowering women? You are disgraceful.” Bring it on haters, she can take it!

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