See Reasons Why Peter Of P-saquare Is Celebrated Than Paul


We take a look at five reasons why Peter Okoye is the bigger celebrity

1. He has more endorsement deals

Peter Okoye signs Adidas deal
Peter Okoye signs Adidas deal  (Net.ng)

Peter and Paul Okoye both bagged one of the biggest endorsement deals ever in Nigeria. Telecommunication giant, GLO reportedly signed up the group for over N200M. However,  Paul independently has more endorsement deals. He has a deal with Adidas and also has other deals with Olympic Milk and Kia motoers.

2. He is the face of the group

What's going on with Psquare again?
What’s going on with Psquare again?  (Bella Naija )

It is a known fact that both Peter and Paul have a huge impact in their group, however, it is also very visible fact that Peter is the face behind the group. He is like the brand ambassador for the group. Whenever you talk about the Psquare group, Peter is the first name or face you would likely mention or see.

3. His social media fan base is huge

Peter Okoye P Square
Peter Okoye P Square  (Instagram/Peter Okoye )

To become an A-lister celebrity in Nigeria, you have a huge fan base on social media. Peter Okoye has got a lot of followers both on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram alone, he has over 3.1 million followers, while on twitter he has a staggering 1.5 million followers. This by far outshines that of his brother Paul.

4. He is the ladies man

Peter and Lola Okoye
Peter and Lola Okoye  (36NG)

This is a very glaring fact. Peter Okoye is a ladies man, and we all know that. He is cute and has all the attributes of what all the ladies want in a man. No wonder he finally got married to a very pretty woman, Lola Omotayo. A close look at the shows where he has performed alongside his brother, Paul would give you a clear indication of how ladies scream and applauded when Peter dances and sings.

5. He has a very intimidating physique

Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye  (Stargist)

Peter Okoye is a very well built man physically. He has a distinct physique from his brother, meaning he spends a lot of time at the gym. He is never shy to take off his clothes on stage and off stage. Most times when he drops pictures of his shirtless self on social media, the massive love he gets from fans are tremendous. You can but admire his haircuts which are usually really close to perfectly well put together.

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