See What Dagrin Could Have Becomed Wish He Was Still Alive[ Must Read

What would have been for Dagrin?  (Naija Loaded )

Pulse takes a look at Dagrin’s short but great career and wonders what it would have been like if he did not die before his prime.

Just imagine what could have done, what he would have achieved, the ups and downs of his career and if he would still be relevant today.

What would have been for Dagrin
What would have been for Dagrin  (Entertainment Talks )

Dagrin drops the videos to ‘Kondo’ and ‘Ghetto Dreams’, and he becomes a national rap star.

At the 2010 Headies, he gives the best performance of the night by performing ‘Pon Pon Pon’ dressed in and Ghetto Dreams’ .

Dagrin  (premiumtimesng)

Later that night, Dagrin wins the Best Rap Album category and Best Rap single category which more or less establishes him as the best rapper in the country. In November 2010, Dagrin tweets “New album loading. Sossick wit 200 beats in a week. #CEO”.

Obviously, this is a fake tweet
Obviously, this is a fake tweet  (Prank Me Not )

Rap fans would have to wait almost a year for the release of his third album ‘Akogun: Story of a Street Legend‘. Dagrin is in high demand in the industry. A lot of rappers and singers want him to feature on their songs. Also the rapper was always on the road performing shows nationwide. It was hard to get him into the studio.

The album dropped in October 2011 and it was worth the wait though. The album sees Dagrin experimenting with more English fans to appease his non-speaking Yoruba fans.

Photo of the day Dagrin "Akogun Lives On".
Photo of the day Dagrin “Akogun Lives On”.  (Pulse)

Four hit singles come out from this album and Dagrin takes the Best Rap Album category for the second year in a row. Spurred by his large fan base, Dagrin goes on a nationwide tour of the tertiary institutions in the country.

He carries along upcoming Yoruba rappers, Olamide, Reminisce and Seriki on the tour called ‘Streets University’.

Rapper Seriki
Rapper Seriki  (Septin911)

In 2012 and 2013, the music scene in Nigeria changes to accommodate the growing pop scene led by Wizkid and Davido. Dagrin won’t drop an album in these years.

For his next album, Dagrin would work with other producers. In 2014, Dagrin would drop his fourth studio project called ‘The Return’. This project wouldn’t be accepted by his hardcore fans but the pop audience would love it for its pop sound.

By this time, Olamide and Reminisce would have established themselves as the hottest rappers in the game.

Olamide and Reminisce engaged in a conversation.
Olamide and Reminisce engaged in a conversation.  (Emily Nkanga)

 Dagrin would try his hands on other entertainment endeavours. He produces and stars in a movie loosely based on his life. Based on the success of the flick, Dagrin further tries his hands at acting.

The Dagrin biopic 'Ghetto Dreamz'
The Dagrin biopic ‘Ghetto Dreamz’  (YouTube/Ope Banwo )
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