The reasons behind Neymar’s tears – when he broke down in front of media

Neymar couldn’t take it any more. Just like any human being, he has his limits and he showed that with his tears. The most expensive signing in history was reduced to tears in front of the media as he tried to ask for some peace. Since leaving the Camp Nou, Neymar’s life has been a sea of rumours, pressure and supposed fallings out…

The much-feared Brazil cruised to a 3-1 victory over Japan, but the real encounter took place in the post-match conference and Neymar was the protagonist. The forward is the subject of focus both on and off the pitch, so he wanted to accompany Tite, his coach, to speak to the media about everything that has happened since he left the Catalan giants behind in the summer. And the situation was too much for him.

Tite was quick to defend Neymar and the striker started to open up: “When you are an idol, a model for so many people, you have to be perfect and a lot of the time I’m not,” said the PSG and Brazil star.

Brazilian website ‘UOL Esporte’ went further and tried to find the reasons behind the tears of the most expensive footballer in history and this was one of the arguments. The pressure of being the player who is worth 222 million euros is something which he has to live with day and night, because the future success, and titles, of Unai Emery’s PSG side rests on his shoulders with his magical football, as suggested by Al Khelaifi, the CEO of the Ligue 1 giants, on the day of one of the most impressive presentations in world football.

Another one of the reasons is about homesickness. Neymar misses his whole family and occasionally he gets to meet up with his sister. In addition, his mother, Nadine, is considering moving to Paris, but the hardest thing for Neymar is his relationship with his son. David Lucca is still living in Barcelona.

Neymar spoke to the press to ask them to “stop inventing stories” because he has no problem with Emery nor Cavani, and his supposed bad relationship with both of them was the subject of particular focus after his red card against Lyon. What is for certain is that ‘MCN’ have managed 34 goals in 17 matches. A devastating stat.

The last reason was from when Neymar paid a visit to the Barcelona training ground and chatted to Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. From that moment, there were reports that Neymar spoke about his regrets about signing for PSG, which the Brazilian star was quick to quash: “It’s easier to hear about something from my mouth. I don’t have any problem with PSG, I’m the type of player who likes winning, I like titles and that’s why I left. I was happy in Barcelona and I still am now,” he said.

And if that wasn’t enough reasons, ‘Marca’ reported about Real Madrid’s intention of submitting a bid worth 200 million euros for Neymar, and the player and the club have had a history of possible transfer dealings.

The pressure and the rumour mill are things which have weighed heavily on Neymar’s shoulders recently, and a couple of tears are hardly surprising given the multitude of stories and rumours about him since signing his bumper contract with PSG.

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