Mayweather McGregor Fight WARNING: BIG trouble and FINES for illegally streaming online

Mayweather vs McGregor. Boxing vs UFC.

Such was the scale of the fight that millions of people around the world tuned in Sunday morning to watch Floyd Mayweather successfully defend his perfect boxing reputation with a 10th round stoppage against UFC fighter Connor McGregor.

But of those watching the fight, a large portion did so via less than legal means, with research before the big night showing that some three million intended to watch the fight illegally online.

However, some viewers, watching illegally, reported seeing mysterious watermarks on the screen during the fight.

You might be thinking you’re fine because you never saw any code on the screen, but supposedly the watermarked code wasn’t visible during the entire 10 rounds.

So, it’s quite possible that amid the flurry of flying fists you could have overlooked it. Especially if the stream was less than stellar, to begin with.

Torrent Freak who first reported the news has since suggested that the string of code could have been intentionally placed into the stream by broadcasters licensed to stream the fight, such as Sky, in a bid to track down pirates illegally sharing the fight online.

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