Gary Neville has torn into the Gunner’s players and said he

After Arsenal’s shocking performance at Anfield, Gary Neville has torn into the Gunner’s players and said he would ‘stick them all up on the transfer list’.

Arsene Wenger’s side were thrashed 4-0 at Anfield on Sunday.

Speaking just before half-time, Neville told ‘Sky Sports’, ‘I’d honestly stick them all up on the transfer list. There aren’t many of them that would get a better club than where they are at.’

It is no secret that the former Manchester United captain is not a fan of Liverpool, but after Sadio Mane doubled Liverpool’s lead, Neville did not hold back and ripped into the Arsenal players.

He added, ‘It’s well told story that I’m not a Liverpool fan but this Arsenal team deserve a battering. They really do.’

‘Liverpool are brilliant going forward but how you can play like this in a big game for so many of Arsenal’s players. Forget not turning up, forget not playing well but just the general attitude or lack of respect for the shirt from three or four of them in not running back and not bothering is disgraceful.’

Former Arsenal legend Thierry Henry also commented on the Gunner’s display and said he was saddened but not surprised.

‘I was expecting this. Stagnation. I knew what was going to happen today. But still when you see it you’re like no, not happening again. But I’m not that shocked.

‘I think Ramsey is a 10 like he plays for Wales. You have to give Liverpool credit. What a finish from Mane but there’s too many simple mistakes from Arsenal that shouldn’t be happening,’ Henry said.

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