Former Governor of Oyo state. Rashidi Ladoja

Ajimobi is hallucinating, needs help-Ladoja

Ladoja, who spoke through his aide, Latinwo, said the governor was hallucinating and chasing shadows with the “wild and childish” allegation that he wanted to use the palace for political gains.

He reiterated that there was no connection whatsoever between “the criminal behaviour of government’s henchmen sent after him” and the 2019 elections.

“This is a tale we have heard so many times. It is a worn-out tale that has lost its flavour. Anytime the governor is unable to push through his anti-people policy, he lays the blame on Ladoja.

“Very soon, he will blame Ladoja for the probe of his council chairmen by the EFCC over stealing of millions of public funds. We will not be surprised if he wakes up tomorrow and blames Ladoja for the huge debt he has plunged the state into within six years. N115billion and $86milion.

Ladoja, a household name in the state, has long been the nemesis of Ajimobi. Ladoja is a man of peace and the very antithesis of Ajimobi who pretends to be the opposite of what he actually is-clueless, puerile, incompetent and lousy. Tomorrow is a promise to no man, let alone 2019.

“We are counting down to the end of his misgovernance. But meanwhile, he needs help and we call on the people of the state to remember him in their prayers.

Former Governor of Oyo state. Rashidi Ladoja
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