Dejan Lovren ‘deletes Liverpool from his Instagram bio and removes his profile picture’ following defeat to Tottenham

Dejan Lovren has apparently taken drastic action on Instagram following Liverpool’s 4-1 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

The Reds centre-back looks to have deleted the word ‘Liverpool’ from his Instagram bio, removed his profile picture and disabled comments on his account.

The Croatian defender had a game to forget against Spurs at Wembley Stadium, and was at fault for their second goal in the 4-1 defeat.

Lovren missed the ball while trying to defend against a Hugo Lloris clearance and allowed Harry Kane in behind him.

The England international then whipped the ball into the area, finding Son Heung-min, who buried a shot past Simon Mignolet.

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp criticised the defender after the match, telling Sky Sports: “The whole game the whole result was all our fault – Tottenham was good, they needed to be good, but we made it much too easy for them.

“The first goal was a little throw in and we are not really there. It was just really bad, bad, bad defending. The second, a counter attack, when the ball passes Dejan Lovren it is already too late.

“Coming back in the game with the goal we had our chances, but it’s nothing to talk about today.

“The third one, it’s a completely open situation. We make the foul, again, all our fault. The fourth – second ball and third ball for Tottenham, their desire was bigger than ours.

“The game was finished then. We came here for a result and had not one second to get a result.”

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel later leaped to the defence of the centre-back on Super Sport, saying: “It’s very important to underline that he [Klopp] never ever said anything to him [Lovren] and he’s killed that player.

“And in fact it hasn’t helped, they are still defending like it’s their first time ever. The way they defend today and have been defending all season is so naive and Jurgen Klopp needs to take responsibility.”

“What he’s done now is put all the responsibility over to Lovren. He will now be in the headlines for this, and that’s really unfair. That should be the manager.”

Dejan Lovren ‘deletes Liverpool from his Instagram bio and removes his profile picture’ following defeat to Tottenham
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