BIGGEST secrets Women hide from their partners revealed

Everyone has secrets, but normally these secrets are shared with your significant other, right?

Well, in some cases secrets are too big to share even with your partner.

Five women revealed some of the biggest confessions they’ve hidden from their other halves – and they’re juicy.

1. “I haven’t told my husband I’ve cheated on him – multiple times”

“During the summer of 2015, I discovered my husband of eight years had cheated on me. I was devastated, humiliated, and disgusted,” one lady told Women’s Health.

“As we worked through our issues, I decided to sign up for Ashley Madison, the cheating website, and went on a six-month sex bender. It was the best secret revenge ever! He still doesn’t know I’m active on the website.”

2. “I’m not actually going to the gym …”

One woman revealed that her partner is a huge health nut – and she’s anything but.

She said he would regularly go to the gym after work while she would laze about watching Netflix – until he asked her to have an exercise routine of her own.

“He even paid for me to get ClassPass! Instead of actually following through with this, I let my friend use my account.

“She lives a few blocks from where I work and loves fitness classes. I show my boyfriend how many classes I go to (in reality I’ve gone to one and it was restorative yoga). He’s so proud!”

3. “I can’t orgasm from intercourse”

Hannah has been married twice and hid the fact she cannot orgasm from intercourse from both of her husbands.

“[With my first husband] I faked it every time to get him to feel like he had done his job. If I didn’t he would probably still be on top of me!

“With my second husband, I just faked it from the start. I didn’t want him to keep working at it because I knew it wasn’t going to do any good.”

4. “I’m bisexual”

“I was afraid of how he would respond and that he wouldn’t want me anymore. About four years into the relationship, I finally came out to him because I felt like I wasn’t living authentically.

“I couldn’t be me, and I realised I needed to be honest with him and myself. He took it a lot better than I expected and we stayed together for a few years before ultimately breaking up.”

5. “I didn’t tell my husband about my abortion”

Lauren was with her husband for eight years before she told him about an abortion she had had from a previous relationship.

“That secret functioned as a wedge. I didn’t tell him because I was still so sad about it. I didn’t want to talk to him about how emotionally attached to that event (and my then boyfriend) I still was.

“I didn’t want it to hurt his feelings. We had already had two children when I finally told him. He was sad for me and he understood why I seemed so distant at times. It was a relief to tell him and it’s made us closer.”

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